About Wide World of Radio

Wide World of Radio is a series of Documentaries featuring the Programs and the Entertainers of the "Golden Age of Radio". 

Our Vision   -  the joy in everything

Our Value    -  the joy of family ... together, forever

Our Mission  -  the sharing of vintage entertainment with the present generation

During the 1970s the American Radio Society realized that, rather than just replay the programs of the '20s, 30's and '40s simply because they're in the public domain*, we needed a series of actual tributes to the great producers and entertainers of this era. 

So broadcast veteran Bob Abella was recruited to research, write, produce and host the Wide World of Radio series of documentaries.

These tributes cover a wide range of Comedy, Drama, Music, Adventure, Movie Adaptations, and Kids Shows.  Each documentary is uniquely titled to represent the scripting and production value that has gone into every presentation.

We invite you to enjoy these memories with family and friends.


*The Library of Congress has stated that old time radio recordings made prior to 1978, are in the public domain, as sound recordings were not allowed under the previous copyright law and that such recordings have not been granted copyright status under the new laws (since to change their status and move them out of the Public Domain would be a violation of Ex-Post-Facto). Once a piece is placed into the public domain for any reason, it remains there legally unless someone brings a case to the Supreme Court to decide otherwise.        The Library of Congress further states that No attempt to place any old time radio recordings under such copyright protection was made when the window of opportunity for such existed in 1978-1979; when the copyright law regarding such recordings changed. (Such had to be submitted to the Congressional Record for reinstatement at that time, and NO US Broadcasts from the 1929 thru 1950 period was filed for at that time in the Congressional Record - only a few foreign language audio recordings were so filed for in that period.